CloudMailStore is the first Partner to offer a 24/7/365 environment of MDaemon hosted mailboxes

MDaemon Private Cloud Email offers very affordable hosted email for your organization with valuable features and flexibility. With an easy-to-use web mail client, users can communicate, collaborate, share files and use integrated Instant Messaging.

CloudMailStore is the first Alt-N Partner to offer a 24x7x365 environment of MDaemon hosted mailboxes.

Why choose us –

  • CloudMailStore currently manage over 25,000 Cloud MDaemon mailboxes.
  • Our customers include web hosting companies, web development agencies and end users.
  • We support MDaemon hosted from our cloud, your private cloud and on-premise installations.
  • Pick and choose one or more from the following services
    • MDaemon Messaging Server
    • Data Migration and on-boarding Services
    • Message Archiving
    • MDaemon Server Management
  • No long term contracts required – pay as you go. All our services are billed monthly.


With 25 GB Stroage

As Low as $2.49/mo

  • Secure Professional Email Suited for Business Needs
  • Web Based Client
  • Spam and Virus protection
  • Dedicated account manager

Key Mdaemon Features –

  • hijacked Account Detection to prevent spammers from using your email and potentially getting your domain blacklisted
  • Mobile Device Management to implement password policies or wipe devices when lost or stolen
  • Customizable Mail List Engine to manage bulletins, discussion groups and distribution lists
  • Powerful Spam Filter analyzes messages to increase spam recognition over time and improve inbox cleanliness
  • Multiple language WorldClient (Web-Based Email) with integrated Business Instant Messaging
  • SSL and TLS Support for optimal message security
  • Flexible Content Filter for customized server behavior of incoming and outgoing messages
  • Backscatter Protection prevents the receipt of unwanted messages due to a forged email return path